1. What years can you give to the campaign?
    • “CLOSER” is a three year campaign 2019, 2020, and 2021, with giving starting in 2018, and given over 4 year-ends (Decembers).
  2. Is this a tithe or an offering?
    • A tithe is your regular giving contribution yearly to the church’s general fund.
    • A commitment to the Closer campaign is an offering – a gift over and above your tithe.
  3. What is a faith pledge?
    • A faith pledge is a commitment not a promise and made by revelation not by reason. It’s not only what I know I can give, but what I prayerfully discern the Lord is asking me to give as a faith stretch.
    • It is saying, “Lord if you get this gift into my hands, I will get this gift into your house.”
  4. When will the projects start on each campus & centrally?
    • When the money comes in. The goal is to keep as much money given by each campus on that campus as possible, until that campus’ project is completed.
  5. How is the money being allocated?
    • 50% of the total contribution goes to mortgage reduction while 50% goes to ministry expansion.
    • In the ministry expansion, it will be both projects all campuses are doing together and by project on each campus.